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Leomore Premium rubber car components

Axle boots
Steering boots
Strut kit and bearings
Coil Pads


Leomore® is a well-organised leading company for the rubber-based automotive products. Integrating engineering rubber products used in cars, we have gone miles away in serving automotive industry and yet to reach the peak by serving each and every car running on the road. The company has the policy of reinvestment which means invest the surplus in the resources to generate the better equipped and larger company profile.We hire the industry experts and experienced engineering services to make our carproducts specific and desi

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We are the reliable supplier as well as the Company of quality axle boots. We have added uniqueness and extraordinary quality to our nitrite rubber excel boots so that their design can make a difference among the similar market products. We provide additional cable ties or clips along with the axle boots for free so that our customers get the fast and better servicing for their cars. Also, you can get the axle boots with or without clip as per the convenience. Facilitate your car today with our quality axle boots!

Accelerate your cars’ functioning with our quality steering boots products and after implementation services. You will get the product in individual packs and we transfer the same packaging to our retail agencies. We provide free clips to our fitters for ultimate time saving of our end-consumers. Like axle boots specification, our customers have the choice to get the steering boots with or without clips at different price tags. Compared to the lower prices, we do not compromise with the quality at any pace of steering boots processing.

In the car industry, we know the place and value of quality front and rear strut very well. In our company services, we provide a complete kit named as strut kit in which all necessary items are available so that our customers do not need to go another places for small things. Apart from the complete kit, we provide separate strut items as well. Quality in one thing, we don’t charge high for our products. We are directly linked to retail partners and item fitters and give our leomore vivid yet best quality products at the cheapest price. Get your fitting done lesser time with after implementation services.


Avail our durable, quality, and brand segmented bushes at the competitive prices. Apart from the longevity, our bushes add a plus in the overall performance of the car. Our wide range of bushes includes suspension axle bushes, balance road bushes, shock absorber or strut bushes, etc. Also, we have bush kits to serve our customers in integrated packages. Removing all older problems and difficulties, we have smoother the bushes quality to improve its functionality and usability. Our ultimately non-competitive quality of bushes is rushing the market as the leading brand used for cars.

Our coverage of mountings is wide according to type and design of the car so that one can find all kinds of mountings at one place to fulfil all varied needs. In our stock, you will get engine/gear mountings, silencer mountings, radiators mountings, strut mountings, etc. of different sizes and designs with unique specifications. All different ranges are packed separately having a tag of brief description for recognising the specific product. Our retail partners have all kinds of mountings in their stock irrespective of the size and usability of the same. Get the perfect mounting match for your car.

The coil pads assist in regaining the actual posture of the cars in the case of CNG-based automation. Here, don’t need to mention that the quality matters a lot in coil pads too. We provide the quality coil pads of different ranges at the competitive prices. Find instant coil pads in our vast range of coil pads as we keep the same for every car type or every brand of car. Get the best choice of coil pads with us.



lEOMORE Premium Rubber Car Parts

Choose from the vivid designs at different price ranges and warranty period from our one-stop car parts solution.Behind customer satisfaction, we keep quality at the priority. We provide certain warranty duration for our products. Check out our catalogue to know more about our products which also contains the description of the product. We test every automotive part before issuing same to the market. ur products aredesigned by industry expert engineers who have experience as well as professional skills of adding the latest features and creative design in existing automobile parts. Moreover, we modify the product as per customer specifications.

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